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IITA United Kingdom world champions


At Cornwall Special Needs Taekwondo we work closely with IIT-United Kingdom which aims to work with any students with special needs or Taekwondo instructors who have special needs students regardless of club affiliation. IITA is committed to supporting the best interests of special needs students with learning and/or physical disabilities. We are also part of the IITA World wide greater plan to give all students a chance and opportunities in future international events.

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The History Of Taekwondo


Mr Jusrtyn Heath

Special Needs Instructor and Pool Instructor

2nd Dan Black Belt Safeguarding Officer

Mr Tim Bird

4th Dan Black belt Chief Instructor

Mr John Garcia

2nd dan black belt Truro Instructor

Miss Poppy Heath

Assistant junior instructor Cornwall Special Needs Taekwondo

2nd Dan Black Belt



From the age of 6 onwards every Wednesday at the main hall at Heartlands, from 1900 to 2000. Please see map for location.


  • Main Hall Heartlands tr153qy
  • the location is the sports hall



Child Protection and Safeguarding

As an Academy we believe it is important to protect all children and vulnerable people from abuse, maltreatment and exploitation. To prevent anything from harming their health, welfare and development. To ensure they can grow up in a safe and effective environment. All are instructors are DBS Checked.
Our Welfare/Safeguarding Officer is Justyn Heath.
If you have any concerns for a child or vulnerable
person he can be contacted on 07782318914
with the assurance that it will be kept in strict
confidence .

Other authorities you can contact are.
South West Child Protection Procedures
Local Safeguarding Board                    
Emergency Service                                          999
Devon and Cornwall Police                            111
Cornwall Children’s Social care Multi Agency Referral Unit   0300 1231 116
Cornwall Children’s Social care (out of hours) 01208 251300


 This is a fantastic taekwondo academy that my son attends. They have a fun, relaxed approach to taekwondo. Everyone is made to feel very welcome. The instructors are patient, kind, and encouraging helping every person no matter what their additional need or disability. Things are always explained in a way that every individual can understand and individuals can work at a pace and level that they are happy with. This is such an amazing club where watching both the instructors and members is inspirational in their dedication, spirit and what they are achieving."

Victoria Hosken

 My son attends this Taekwondo Academy, its absolutely amazing, he is growing in confidence and its helping with his co ordination. He always has a smile on his face throughout the class. I'm absolutely so Thankful that this Academy is running and giving People with additional needs a change. Thank you Mr Heath!!!!"

Madeleine Gordon

 My son is loving the opportunity to be included as part of a team. He is growing in confidence and smiling every session. He is doing fantastic giving his all and trying his best to do what is asked from him. Couldn't ask for a better instructor than Mr Heath hope I spelt that right. Taking time to make sure they all enjoy themselves and understand what is expected from them. Thank you so much for all your doing and giving my son that opportunity to feel included x"

Samantha Clark

 my daughter attends the sessions only done 2 but she is loving it so much strongly recommend with children with disabilities really amazing well done Mr heath"

Sadie Jenkin

 Can not recommend this taekwondo group enough. My son attends and I have seen a massive improvement since he started. He has grown in confidence listening to instructions. Started to talk with others within the group and looks forward to going every week. The instructor's are amazing making sure everyone is able to achieve their best and most of all having fun x"

Samantha Clark

 its brilliant and justyn is so patient and the children and young adults really enjoy it son ryan takes time to settle into things ..and it can take a while but I still bring him each week and each week theres more progress! so I highly recommend!"

Julie King